This web site gives a brief overview of the current logic behind the Southeast Asia Regional Office of
The Rockefeller Foundation, describing the rationale and approach of current grant-making initiatives and providing information on the funded programs.

Special emphasis is placed on the “Learning Across Boundaries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region” (LAB). This regional effort aims to support people and institutions in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) to “learn across boundaries” in developing new knowledge and effective responses to the many cross-border and cross-cultural challenges in their sub-region. Attention is provided to specific trans-boundary impacts of regional integration, such as health and food security concerns for vulnerable mobile populations and upland communities in the sub-region transitional economy.

More specifically, LAB is composed of three shared grant-making initiatives:

  • Bridging Diversity, in collaboration with Creativity & Culture, to enhance recognition and appreciation for the religious and ethnic pluralism of the sub-region.
  • Cross Border Health, in collaboration with Health Equity, to stem the cross-border flow of infections diseases, especially AIDS.
  • Upland Communities in Transition, in collaboration with Food Security to increase agricultural production and access to regional markets for marginalized upland communities in border areas.

The site also provides information on the grants made and the programs funded by these various grant-making initiatives since 2001. In doing so, this provides a venue for the involved organizations to present their work to other interested parties so that relevant experiences and lessons are shared with a wider constituency.

This section is meant to be a general overview for the entire site, while other sections describe in greater detail the supported activities. In particular, the links below provide a brief institutional profile of the Rockefeller Foundation and its Southeast Asia Regional Office, complete with a description of the various grant-making initiatives, and grant-making guidelines for those interested in applying.

Institutional Profile

Grant-making Initiatives

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